Marine Engineering Institute
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Marine Engineering Institute has a faculty of 89 full-time teachers, including 8 professors and 27 associate professors. The college offers two master’s programs and two undergraduate programs.

Master’s Degree Programs:
*Marine Engineering
*Design and Construction of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure

Undergraduate Programs:
*Marine Engineering
*Shipping and Ocean Engineering

Marine Engineering Major is a comprehensive high-technology course consisting of modern marine engineering, electrical, heating, automation, and management. It aims to cultivate engineering professionals who meet both the domestic and international seafarer’s standards and competence for modern ship mechanical and electrical operational management with  adequate knowledge and well-trained skill of a marine engineering graduate.

Shipping and Ocean Engineering Major aims to equip students with a firm theoretical foundation and professional knowledge in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering for them to be competent and skillful in undertaking shipbuilding, ship surveying, and marine engine management tasks.

Contact Information:
CAI Zhenxiong, Dean
ZHENG Weimin, Party Secretary of the College Branch
Marine Engineering Institute
Jimei University:
Tel: 6181551