Fisheries College
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Fisheries College has a faculty of 88 full-time teachers, including 9 professors and 25 associate professors. It offers three master’s degree programs and three undergraduate programs

Master’s Degree Programs:
*Aquaculture Science
*Science of Fisheries Resources

Undergraduate Programs:
*Animal Science
*Fishery Science and Technology

Aquaculture Major aims to cultivate professionals in aquaculture who have knowledge of aquatic seedling production, breeding technology, and disease surveillance, prevention and cure. They will have acquired skills in fishery management, aquaculture development, operation and management.

Animal Science Major aims to cultivate professionals in composite animal science who have the theoretical knowledge of animal nutrition, animal fodder, and practical applications of animal science theory.

Fishery Science and Technology Major aims to cultivate technicians in fishery science who are able to conduct marine environmental surveillance and protection programs, development and protect marine biological resources, and have a good understanding of fishery regulations.

Contact Information:
ZHANG Yazhi,Dean
QIU Yiliang, Party Secretary of the College Branch
Fisheries College
Jimei University
Tel: 6180204