Physical Education College
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Physical Education College has a faculty of 146 full-time teachers including 18 professors and 51 associate professors. The College offers two postgraduate programs,  four undergraduate programs and one associate undergraduate program for junior high school graduates.

Master’s Degree Program:
*Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
*Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training

Undergraduate programs:
 *Physical Education
 *Social Sports
 *Ethnic Traditional Sports
 *Sports training
Associate Undergraduate program:
*Sports training (5 years)

Physical Education Major aims to train and equip students to become future physical education teachers with the abilities to teach, train, manage, conduct scientific research in physical education; perform a variety of physical activities; and promote physical education program thru athletic competition and activities in sports field.
Social Sports Major aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to organize, manage, and promote sports activities and to develop their special talents to teach, instruct, conduct scientific research and give advice in the field of social sports.
Ethnic Traditional Sports Major aims to cultivate students’ special talents in the field of martial arts, ethnic folk traditional sports, and sports health- keeping program.
Sports Training Major aims to train students and develop their skills to become highly qualified talent for various positions in the field of athletics teaching, training, management, and scientific research.

Contact Information:
CHEN Shaojian, Dean
WANG Liancong, Party Secretary of the College Branch   
Physical Education College
Jimei University
Tel.: 6180035