Finance & Economics Institute
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Finance and Economic Institute has a faculty of 81 full-time teachers, including 8 professors and 18 associate professors. The institute offers two postgraduate programs and four undergraduate programs.

Master’s Degree Programs:
*National Economics
*Public Finance

Undergraduate Programs:
 *International Economy & Trade
 *Public Finance

International Economy and Trade Major aims to train and produce students to become talents and leaders who are receptive to the needs of market economy and to the changing demands of trade in the outside world.

Public Finance Major aims to train and equip students to become high-ranking economy managers who can do the jobs in the field of finance, taxation and other related enterprises.

Finance Major aims to provide knowledge that will prepare students for leadership with a firm foundation in the theory of investment management; to equip them with skills in foreign language use; and for them to apply learned knowledge in modernized management.

Economics Major aims to develop talents and skills that will prepare students for leadership in economic theory with professional knowledge and strong adaptability in the practice of their profession.

Contact Information
HUANG Yandian, Dean:
CHEN Yida, Party Secretary of the College Branch
Finance & Economics Institute
Jimei University
Tel: 6180316