Mechanical Engineering College
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Mechanical Engineering College has a faculty of 78 professional teachers including 8 professors and 27 associate professors. It offers one master’s degree program and four undergraduate programs.

Master’s Degree Program:
*Mechanical Design and Theory

Undergraduate Programs:
*Mechanical Design, Manufacture and  Automation
*Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
*Building Environment & Facilities Engineering
*Vehicle Engineering

Mechanical Designing, Manufacturing and Automation Major aims to cultivate students’ abilities in designing & manufacturing first line mechanical products; develop their skills in research, engineering applications, and product marketing & management.

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering Major aims to provide excellent skills and training for students to develop, design and manage heat energy & engines.

Building Environment and Facilities Engineering Major aims to provide skills and excellent training for students in designing, installing and running equipment & facilities in special environments and public construction.

Vehicle Engineering Major aims to cultivate students special skills in vehicle designing, manufacturing & marketing; maintenance and usage; and special vehicle transformation & research.    

Contact Information:
ZHANG Jianyi,Dean
LIU Jianhua, Party Secretary of the General Party Branch
Mechanical Engineering College
Jimei University
Tel: 6183503