Science College
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Science Collegehas a faculty of 126 full-time teachers including 9 professors and 39 associate professors. It offers one postgraduate program and four undergraduate programs.

Master’s Degree Program:
*Applied Mathematics

Undergraduate Programs:
*Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
*Information and Computing Science
*Applied Physics
*Geographical Information System  

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Major aims to develop knowledge   and computer skills that will prepare students to become skillful high school or college teachers and researchers with high competency to solve practical mathematical problems.

Information and Computing Science Major aims to provide students with   knowledge and skills in information and computing; equip them with theories and methodologies; and cultivate their computer techniques and mathematical  model  building skills in order to become competent in solving practical     and other related problems in their field of specialization.

Applied Physics Major aims to cultivate students’ talents and practical skills in Physics, Information Technology and Computer Science.

Geographical Information System Major aims to cultivate students’ talents  & skills in analyzing, designing, programming, researching administrative information systems in municipal and regional administration departments; as well as administrative departments of land, resources, environment, transportation, infrastructure & real estate.

Contact Information:
CHEN Shuili, Dean
ZHENG Meina, Party Secretary of the College Branch
Science College
Jimei University
Tel: 6181893