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Two Teaching Achievements Recommended to the Assessment of the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Awards

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Recently, two projects of provincial teaching achievement special award entitled “Molding Soul with Tan Kah Kee’s Spirit, Educating Talents by Teaching, Production, Research and Innovation: The Innovative Practice of Outstanding Aquatic Talents Training in Local Comprehensive University” and “The Systematic Construction and Practice of ‘Multi-dimensional and Three-dimensional’ High-quality Maritime Talents Training” were recommended by Fujian Provincial Education Department to the assessment of the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award.

Taking aquaculture national specialty construction as a pilot site, the first project has created an ideological system for the aquatic major, namely, “molding soul with Tan Kah Kee’s Spirit, undertaking the mission of boosting and invigorating agriculture”. It is regarded as a pathbreaker of the professional ideology education of “School-based Culture +”. Both a new model of excellence in aquatic talent training and a new mechanism of teaching, industry, research and creation, it has injected original ideas into the education. In terms of the project gains, the project has remarkably improved the quality of aquatic professional training, bringing about students’ outstanding academic competition performance, the improvement of professional recognition, higher employment and education quality. More than 98% employers expressed their satisfaction. It is said that its wide applications in Shanghai Ocean University and other 10 related institutions have also received favorable appraisal.

The second project is that the maritime technology program focuses on China’s nautical power strategy, industry development trend and the overall development of students’ needs. Carrying out the innovation and practice combined with multi-party cooperation, multi-cultivation, diversified resources and multi-channel education, it has established the “multi-dimensional, three-dimensional” top-quality nautical talents training system. In addition, after 7 years of practice, it has effectively improved the quality, capability and social effect of nautical talents training, and at the same time enhanced the nautical education to keep up with the needs of the new era. Besides, it has contributed to the construction of nautical talents under the strategy for “building China into a marine and maritime power”. In all, it has been a keen promoter and a superb example of the reform and development of nautical education in China.

The University has underlined the supportive work for the application of national teaching achievement awards in 2022, such as specific cultivation for key projects in advance, the recent expert counselling sessions sponsored by the Education Department and the improvement of the would-be submitted application materials. All demonstrates the University’s determination to enhance the competitiveness of achievements declaration and strive for a new breakthrough in national teaching achievement awards.

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