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Brief Introduction for Jimei University

Jimei University, a provincial key university which is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, is jointly constructed by the Ministry of Transport, State Oceanic Administration, Fujian Provincial Government and Xiamen Municipal Government. It offers doctorate degree programs and enrolls students from all over the country.

Jimei University enjoys a long history for nearly 100 years. Its origin can be traced back to the time in 1918 when Jimei Normal School was founded by Mr. Chen Jiageng (Tan Kah Kee)the famous overseas Chinese patriotic leader. Two years later, in 1920, two divisions of Jimei School: the Fisheries and Business were founded. In 1994, Jimei University was integrated into one by five independent institutes and colleges, namely, Jimei Navigation Institute, Xiamen Fisheries College, Fujian Physical Education College, Jimei Finance and Economics Institute, and Jimei Teachers College. The school’s motto ‘Sincerity and Perseverance’ was set up by Mr. Chen Jiageng, himself. The University’s philosophy of running the school and cultivating talents with the virtues of sincerity and perseverance reflects the spirit of Chen Jiageng. With such, the University has gained reputation at home and abroad.

Jimei University has an integration of 20 colleges and one teaching and research office. It has formed a multi-disciplined school-running system and offers 69 undergraduate courses in nine disciplines, namely, Economics, Law, Pedagogy, Arts, Science, Engineering, Agronomy, Administration, and Fine Arts as well as 39 secondary disciplines. There are eight first class provincial disciplines (including two characteristic key disciplines), one postdoctoral research station of Fisheries, two first level doctorate programs in Fisheries and Naval Architecture and Ocean. In addition, there are nine first-level masters’ degree authorization disciplines covering 56 secondary disciplines in Fisheries,  Naval Architecture and Ocean, Food Science and Engineering, Communication and Transportation, Applied Economics, Sports Science, Mathematics, Chinese Language and Literature, and Biology. Altogether, it offers postgraduate courses in 30 disciplines in the fields of Agronomy, Engineering, Pedagogy and Taxation.

Jimei University has a total 2300 faculty and more than 1,500 full time teachers, among whom 800 are professors and associate professors. The University has a high-level teaching and research team, including eight professors who enjoy the State Council Special Subsidies, one awardee of the National Millions of Talents Project, one Distinguished Professor’s Award in Minjiang Scholar’s Program, six Distinguished or the Chair Professor’s Award. Other recognition awards include 85 winners and four scientific teams of various high-tech talents program, such as, Excellent Talent of Fujian, Outstanding Science and Technology Talents, High-Tech Innovation Talents, Scientific Innovation Leading Talents, Philosophy and Social Science Leading Talents, Youth Science and Technology Awards, and Scientific Innovation Team of Fujian Higher Education Institutes. Besides, the specialty of Fisheries, of the University has been selected in the project of the Highland of Talents for Social Offices and Enterprises of Fujian Province.

Jimei University has over 27000 students where more than 26000 are full time undergraduate students and over 1200 are postgraduate program students. The University has three national professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, six national ‘Outstanding Talents’ training courses, four national specialized majors, one national level teaching team, two national experimental teaching demonstration centers, one national virtual stimulation experimental teaching center, a national internship education base for university students, eleven provincial specialized specialty training bases and professional comprehensive reform pilot bases, eight provincial service-centered majors, four provincial innovation entrepreneurship education reform pilot disciplines, seven provincial level teaching teams, fifteen provincial experimental teaching demonstration center and a provincial virtual stimulation experimental teaching center. Besides, students have achieved high ranks in many competitions such as the national university students ‘Challenge Cup’, the mathematical modeling, the electronic design competition, the Olympic Games, the National University Games and other major competitions as well. The graduates have received compliments from society and the employment rate has remained above 90%.

After a long period of practice, the University has shaped its ocean-oriented engineering subjects such as Maritime and Fisheries to its advantage. Maritime Education has a significant impact at home and abroad and it has become the “breeding ground” fostering senior maritime professionals. The 64000dwt vessel- or  ‘Yude’ is regarded the biggest ocean-going ship of the world for students to gain onboard practice. The Fisheries Science of the University is on top and it has gained a nation-wide reputation in the country. The university has 2 local and national joint engineering research centers, and 11 provincial (ministerial) level scientific research innovation platforms. The University has undertaken several national research programs, such as ‘973 Program’, ‘863 Program’, the National Natural Science Fund Program, and the National Social Science Fund Program. It has won over 40 scientific and technological progress awards from the provincial and national levels. The University actively carries out collaborative innovations and takes its lead to set up the ‘Fujian Yacht Industry Key Technology Collaborative Innovation Center’, participates in the establishment of the “Collaborative Innovation Center for Exploitation and Utilization of Maritime and Biological Resources”. It has also set up about 50 research platforms with enterprises.

Jimei University is actively engaged in the external exchange and cooperation and takes full advantage of its regional location to the Southeast and being adjacent to Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Regions; the University gives its service to the Belt and Road initiative. The school has carried out a wide range of academic exchange and research cooperation with more than 100 universities and research institutes from the United States, Britain, Australia, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan regions as well as the international organization such as International Maritime  Organization(IMO), International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU). The school has established the strategic cooperation with Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange to build up the overseas study training base. Jimei University is one of the pioneer universities in Fujian to run the Sino- Foreign Joint Education Program, and the Cross-Strait joint Education Program. It is also a pioneer among Fujian institutions qualified to recruit students from Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese students. Furthermore, it is one of the universities authorized by Ministry of Education to receive students from Hongkong Special Administrative Regions exempted from admission exams and to recruit students from Taiwan individually. Jimei is a unique university in the mainland that is qualified to carry out the eligibility training and compliance transition period program for Taiwanese Seafarers in non-restricted waters, the only unit in Fujian for “The Funding Scheme for Youth Exchange in the Mainland” by Hongkong SAR government. Being a main institute supported by Hanban (a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education) to provide Chinese language and culture teaching to the neighborhood countries and the first appointed Overseas Chinese education base’, the University has sent Chinese Volunteer Teachers to the ‘Belt and Road’ countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries.

Currently, the University has an area of approximately 1300mu, with a floor space of over 1 million square meters. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and the distinctive ‘Jiageng-style’ architectural design, of which eight buildings have been selected as ‘The National Key Cultural Relics Protection Buildings’. The architectural complex of the new campus was elected one of the ‘100 Elite Construction Projects’ for over the 60 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It has 10GbE high speed campus internet network. Its library has a total collection of 2.838 million volumes of paper documents, with over 2,800 newspapers and magazines in both Chinese and foreign languages. The library has also imported 37 databases and set up six specialized databases.

Jimei University has established its future mission to adhere to the connotative and distinctive development of students, faculty and administration, to strive to build itself into a famous university with distinguished features, high level and strong competitiveness in China, and to make a greater contribution to the development of the nation as well as the local economy.

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